Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Birds

The monkeys have a reading requirement this summer (it is actually a bonus reading challenge, but they are teacher's kids and academics are no joke at their school so yeah, it is required).  The Cubscout has to read 30 books (10 of which must have more than 50 pages).  The Clover has to read 30 picture books (no page requirement).  Although the Cub loves reading, I don't think he will be able to knock out 30 chapter books this summer (even though that is what he reads as "picture are for little kids like the Clover").  So, I made an agreement with them this morning.  I told the Cub that I would pay him a dime for every picture book he read to his sister.  That way, he will get his 20 picture books done, and she will be exposed to other readers aside from me and my DH.  I have been making her read some of those level 1 books with repeated, decodable text, too.  We are on schedule to make it to the goal by the first day (thanks to my stroke of genius).

As for me, I haven't read for pleasure just yet (I am studying for the Sped Praxis).  After I pass, I still won't get to read for pleasure because I have eight books solely about ASD that I really need to read (I so want to read The Help, but can't). 

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