Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sing my Life

Earlier this year, my former :( supercolleagues and I were enjoying a "leisurely" lunch in the teachers' lounge.  The talk over one another topic turned to a thing my fellow Gleek had heard on the radio asking, "If you had to choose one song to represent your life...what would it be?"  I couldn't really think of one right then.  My RGP had strolled into the lounge, and was at the microwave while the discussion continued.  I couldn't even tell she was listening.  But on her way out she deadpanned, "Mine would be Fancy," as she continued out the door (her truly wicked sense of humor is one of the things I will miss the most).  So, the other day I heard a song that truly fits...

So what would yours be?  I'm hosting a linky party to find out (I hope it works anyway).  If not, just leave a comment :), and I will try again.

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