Monday, August 1, 2011

How Not to Finish Your Classroom

by Frau M.

There are three ways to avoid working in your classroom.  First, you could do other important errands in another town from where you teach (I had to check my parent's mail as they are out of the country doing missions work).  It seems a little wasteful in this economy to drive 10 miles the opposite direction of school and turn around to go the other way 15 miles (round trip from my house, to my mom's, to school and back home is 50 miles).  Second, you could clean your own home.  This is not fun, but it is necessary unless you like living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)  Last, you could take a three-day vacay with your DH and monkeys to a state park 2 hours away (totally fun, btw...even the part when we had to sleep the first night without air conditioning because a mud dauber had made its home inside our A/C unit...thank you Mr. Cometoyourcampsitetofixit).  These are the ways you can still not be done with your classroom (by you, I mean I, and don't will get done with a few looooooooooong days and plenty of Tums).

P.S.  The Heat Advisory is entering its bazillionth day in a row.  Today it is 101 and tomorrow's high is 105, so we are going to the pool instead of working.  I just looked and the heat index is 115.  Yuck.


  1. Awww. When do you start school??

    I will be lucky if I can get into my classroom by the 22nd!

  2. Our first contract day is the 22nd, but we also have open house that really I should have the room set up the way it should be by then (I do so love to chit-chat with friends I haven't seen all summer).

  3. Bummer about the heat. You guys have had it bad. I can't really complain about our summer! Good luck getting your room done. Mine is still a bit of a mess, but I have to have it done by next week! Stay cool...or as cool as you can!

  4. CHAOS - that made my day! That describes our house perfectly.