Friday, September 9, 2011

Just how far...

would you go to ensure the success of a student?  In my new position, I have found that it is pretty dang far.  For example, today I (as a result of some things I can't really tell you all about due to that pesky confidentiality) ran a quarter of a mile and did the monkey bars.  I don't love exercising (I prefer to lose weight when needed by not eating).  I sometimes run for exercise, but I don't love it.  But today, I was an active participant in PE because I love my students.  I'm not telling this because now I think I'm some sort of rockstar.  I'm not (my less than stellar moments outweigh the rockstar by 4:1 if I'm being honest).  I'm telling this because I want everyone to know I love my job.  To most (including but not limited to my DH) it seems like I may have finally gone off the deep end.  When I tell people what I do, I get the wide eyed slow back away most of the time.  But, I absolutely love it (to quote BIST, "Even when it's hard").  I love my students and the puzzles they bring to the table every day.  But most of all I love being challenged to bring about success regardless of the cost.  

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  1. Movin' On Up - Formerly from the GhettoSeptember 9, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    Frau M. -

    It is amazing teachers like you that give me the extra push to improve upon my own teaching skills. Those kids are so lucky to have you. Even in your "less than stellar moments" you are still going to be a "rockstar" in their eyes. You are the teacher they will remember for years to come. You may never get a thank you for it, but I thank you for all you do for them and for being an excellent example of teaching with compassion on a daily basis.