Monday, December 12, 2011


There's something that I kind of keep under wraps about myself (I know it is hard to believe that as I have a blog and all).  But I make up scenarios in my mind all the time.  Like my head it went a little something like this

Me:  I'll take "Things that can't end soon enough" for $1000, Alex
Alex:  A merry yule will come to all school participants after seeing this number of sunrises.
Me:  What is 8?
Alex:  And Frau M. maintains control of the board as we go into Final Jeopardy. (I always win in my head)

That's right 8 more predawn commutes until break!  Technically, it is only 7 1/2 more days of school as the last one is an early release.  I am just as excited as the kids.  Not so much for the mountains of paperwork that await me upon my return, but for the leisurely days of getting up without the "help" of my trusty alarm clock.  Here's hoping that the days go as quickly as sugary sweets on the lounge table.

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