Friday, December 2, 2011

Let me tell you

about a time when I was tired, said the unkind woman at the registration desk.  Many moons ago, when I was in grad school, the new semester was starting and I had to go pick up my textbook for said course.  I worked about 30 minutes from the university, it was August, I had no air conditioning in my building where I had taught 29 fifth graders all day long, and I was pregnant.  I rushed (by rushed, I mean careened down the hwy toward the university) to the bookstore and made it in the nick of time.   However, when I got to the bookstore, the woman asked to see my schedule.  I looked at her with question marks in my eyes (soon to turn into ampersands) and said, "I only have one class and it's graduate."  She said, "That's the rule."  I said, "Please just let me pick go get it, the book is for EDAD 2100)."  She said, "No."  I said, "UGH, I am soo tired."  To which she replied, "Let me tell you about a time when I was tired."  In retrospect, I shouldn't have been so whiny, but really.  For one class?  I also should have made a snarky comment.  That's what makes me, on days like today (Fridays in December) think I should go find that woman and tell her, "Let ME tell YOU about a time when I was tired because whatever you were going to tell me 10 years ago can't be anywhere even close to beating what I could tell you."  So there.

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