Saturday, December 3, 2011

How not to sell a car

Today I went car shopping (btw, the weather was cold and rainy so yes, not only am I crazy but my DH is as well).  I have done my research and have settled on a Chevy Malibu or Cruze.  But, sometimes when I get to the dealership, I see something shiny that is not one of the two sensible cars I have chosen.  Like today, I instantaneously fell in love (although I didn't gush as it is not good for the negotiations if you show your hand) with a cherry red VW bug with only 30,000 miles on it.  It was so, so, cute.  It had black leather interior.  Did I mention it was cute?  So the salesman asked me if I wanted to try it out as I have test driven Malibu and ridden in the Cruze already.  I was reluctant at first because of the rain, but decided that I had better drive it.  So, I got in all ready for a spin.  I put the key in the ignition, turned it and nothing.  I tried it again thinking maybe I was doing it wrong.  Still nothing.  The salesman came back and I told him, the car wasn't starting.  He thought maybe it was the battery.  Although he couldn't find where to charge it.  Another salesman guy came out and tried to jumpstart it to no avail.  The salesmen apologized profusely.  So, I didn't get to drive it which is just as well, because the size really wouldn't be practical for my family.  But it was so cute, and I really did like it.  No farfegnugen for me today (nor dollars for the salesman) :(

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