Sunday, December 4, 2011

Challenge Accepted

There are two different ways to react to difficult situations.  This phenomenon is known as fight or flight.  Some people cower in the corner at the hint of confrontation.  Some people pretend not to see you and turn the other way.  Some people go home and cry.  Not this girl.  I have decided that killing with kindness isn't working for me.  So my new tactic is fight.  Those who know me are aware that there are times when I don't mince words and say what I am truly thinking without the use of any kind of filter.  I try to control that aspect of my personality most of the time.  However, when pushed hard enough I will tell exactly what I think without an edit.  So if you find yourself sitting by me and notice my ringtone has changed from Raspberry Beret (Prince) to We're not Gonna Take it (Twisted Sister), you'll know why.

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