Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm a little fishy...

watch me swim.  Yes, that's right.  I swam today.  My Best Para Forever (sorry to the one who worked in my room two years ago, but girlfriend has you at the least tied for best), texted me around 5:50 (ten short minutes before I have to leave) that she wouldn't be coming in today.  She reminded me that it was her student's day for swim.  So, I grabbed my suit, towel and flip-flops while thanking the good Lord that I had bothered to shave my legs today (not that little boys notice and/or care, but still).  And away I went.  The swimming hour rolled around and I suited up as fast as I could.  I threw on my shorts over my momsuit (something had to cover some of the glare from my oh-so whiteness) and made my way to the hall to meet my guy.  At the very moment I walked out of the girls locker room, my assistant principal walked by me, did an almost unnoticeable double take and said, "Going in today Frau M.?"  I said, "BPF is absent, so it's me."  He said, "Good, good." and kept on walking (I guess he figured better me than him).  Our conversations for most of the year have been just about the same length, yet somehow he always knows exactly what is up with my students (uncanny and a little nerve wracking).  After swim time was over, came the cold part (and the reason I am still wearing my coat and hat right now).  I had to get out and go into the regular building.  Brrr!  I changed back as fast as I could and pulled my hair back into a bun (not a great look for me, but what can you do?).  All in all, not too bad.  I am not saying I would do it again voluntarily, but if the need arises, I can and will give the school population something they can't unsee.

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