Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I truly don't hate my job...

I do, however, love puttering around the house in my jammies more.  When winter comes, it is hard for me to get up from my nice cozy bed and head out in the dark to school (one hour earlier is killing me slowly).  Especially on days like today when it didn't get above freezing, and it was snowing when I left.  In fact it snowed (albeit lightly) into the afternoon.  This got my hopes up for an early release (silly I know because there was no accumulation).  That was not to be, so we the teachers, continued teaching the GLE's and basically holding the students against their will for the remainder of the day (long).  Maslow should have added "touching the first snow (or any snow for that matter)" to his physiological needs tier in the hierarchy.  Tomorrow and for the remainder of the week, it will be above freezing with no precipitation, so at least Saturday/loungeday is just around the corner.

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