Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coolest Download EVER!

Today was Wednesday, so it was consultation day for me.  That's when the queen of all things on the Spectrum, comes to visit me and make suggestions.  I do so love it because a). I get to interact with an adult and b). Her wealth of knowledge is amazing.  Toward the beginning of the year, I think she was worried that I would be offended by her suggestions until one day I told her, "Look, the only way I am going to get better at this is by having someone coach me.  Any suggestions you make I will immediately carry out and be thankful for.  I promise not to cry in your presence." Since that day, I have learned so, so much from her.  Like today.  She made a Power Card for me (not actually for me as I certainly don't have any behaviors that need to be modified, but as an example).  It was Super Mario themed and totally awesome.  I geeked out and was like, "How?"  So she showed me the best program I have seen in a while (except for Boardmaker, of course).  It is called Comic Life, and it can be used for so much more than Power Cards.  So. Much. More.  It has a 30-day free trial (which I am now on day 1 of).  The great thing is, it only costs $25 to have it for your computer for all of time.  So here's the link to what will prove to be invaluable in my world.

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