Thursday, January 5, 2012

Minus Television

So, my family and I decided that this year, we would give up TV for the first week of every month.  My DH and had talked before about it, but this time we are really doing it.  We are in day 5 of this venture and I'd never realized how much it was on until now.  A lot of times, it was just noise in the house.
Here are the pros so far:
  • I am actually doing the work I schlep home each night (instead of my usual MO of taking my school bag on a little trip from my school desk to my home desk and back again).
  • The house is much more peaceful
  • NO SPONGEBOB!!!!! (Nor Dora for that matter)
  • More reading is happening around the house (though I still haven't read anything for pleasure during this school year...only for information. My book list is getting mighty long).
  • The monkeys are finding new ways to entertain themselves (Monopoly, anyone?).
And the cons:
  • The monkeys are finding new ways to entertain themselves (Mom, will you play Monopoly with us?).
  • I have been doing work at home.
  • I don't have anything to talk about at the water cooler (oh wait, that would imply that I have people I talk to in my building).
We have 2 more days until we will turn it back on, and I'm not so sure that I want to (well maybe just enough to get my nightly Office fix).

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