Monday, March 26, 2012

C'mon Clover

These are the words of my son to his sister when he looked at her Study Island scores.  Yes, he hacked her account (why he didn't qualify for the gifted program, I'll never understand).  When he got in, he saw exactly what she had been doing in class.  And, it wasn't good enough for him.  This isn't the first time he has discussed her progress, though.  The first came a few weeks ago when gradecards came out.  Things come easy to the Clover so she doesn't really try very hard to do a good job.  She does a good job but she could do an awesome job with a little effort.  He looked over her reportcard (after taking it off the table where it was waiting Dad's approval).  He saw that she had scored Proficient on her 3rd quarter benchmark.  Proficient is fine, good even.  Advanced is the top (he had scored Advanced).  So, what did the Cubscout do?  He pulled her aside and said, "Really Clover  Proficient?!  That's all you can do?  Proficient is good for some, but not for someone in THIS family."  I wasn't really surprised at his reaction, nor the fact that his sister still could care less.  I was surprised that although I constantly encourage both of them, he still honed in on the competitive nature of our family.

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