Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's talk about chicks, man

That's right, not only since the addition of a new rooster have we been getting eggs each day, but now we are expecting chicks.  To be more specific, it is Quailey who is expecting chicks.  The Cub and Clover broke the news today when they went to tend the chickens after school.  The Clover came flying back to the house yelling, "When I tried to get the egg from Quailey, she went BOCK and tried to peck me!"  When my DH got home, I relayed the story and he went to check the situation.  Indeed, Quailey is a sitting hen.  I'm really excited for the Clover (none of the eggs in her class hatched this year).  I also know that when we got chickens, I didn't intend to start a hatchery.

In other news, we are also nursing a baby rabbit who has been abandoned.  He is so tiny, he fits in the palm of my hand (and his eyes aren't even opened).  I just hope kitten milk is an acceptable substitute for bunny milk (again for the sake of the Clover).

Gold star for anyone who knew the title was a "The Soup" reference.

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