Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make that 35

Yesterday, I posted that we have a "farm" at my house due to the number of chickens we are keeping for the moment (hopefully Craigslist will come through for me and we can adopt some of them out as I don't like the idea of butchering anything with a name).  Last night, at gate closing time, we were down one chicken.  The white one we call Missy (as in, "Listen, Missy..." was missing (bringing the total down to 29).  My DH and I looked for her all around the back yard and neighbors field to no avail.  No feathers, no blood, no telltale signs of her demise.  So imagine my surprise this afternoon when I went out to refill their water containers for the 2nd time (did I mention it's hot as blazes around here?) and there she was.  And what was following her?  Five tiny chicks, of course!  The peepers look to be only a day or so old.  That tricky hen knew if she laid eggs where I could find them, they would be omelets in the morning.  So what did she do?  What all smart hens do, she hid herself and her nest just past the poison ivy, waaaaay deep in the honeysuckle bush.  As, I feel my summer slipping through my fingers, I have one more thing to add to the SBL (Summer Bucket List).  So right after the trip to Legoland and Chuck E. Cheese's (not in the same day as I don't hate myself) now comes get rid of 5 more chicks.

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  1. Too bad you didn't leave near me! We (my hubby and daughter actually, not me) just got 6 new chicks on Saturday. We have 8 hens that roam the yard (they went rogue and decided they were too good for their pens) and now they lay wherever. I just found their stash of eggs in the garage - about 50 eggs in the floor under hubby's saw. Guess we need to go clean that out and throw them away. We don't have a rooster, so there won't be any little chicks pecking out! We had that happen with our ducks (who are now no longer with us...hawks got them) and I didn't know we had a boy until I went to make some zucchini bread one year and all the eggs were, well, you know! I never cracked open another duck egg again! Good luck with your chicks! Oh, yeah, might aren't named (well, nothing personal anyway...they have a name collectvely, but it isn't too nice!), but they still won't become dinner at all!