Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cubscout, you have a call?

So, the other day the home phone rang, and I answered it thinking, "Dang election...wish it was November 12th already."  But, this time, it wasn't for the head of the household nor the lady of the house.  It was for the Cubscout.  Hold. The. Phone (literally).  I found the Cub and told him with question marks in my eyes, "It's for you."  He took the phone from me and went into his room for more privacy (since when does he need privacy?).  Does this mean that his world does not revolve around his family (particularly his mother)?  When did this happen?  Why is my baby growing up?

Another "wait, what?" moment came when I received the permission slip for him to see "the movie" (you know, the movie).  I knew this would only bring questions my DH has to answer (I'm in charge of the Clover's questions).  So, the other day, the entire 4th grade boy population viewed the movie and now my Cubscout is sporting Umbro Power deodorant (because, "Mom, it's not cool to smell bad.").

It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny baby (actually, he's never been tiny...he was 9 lbs. 6 oz. at birth, afterall).  I really wish I could slow things down a bit.

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