Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Festivus for the Restivus

No, we did not have a pole nor did we wrestle, but we did have a LOT of fun (by we, I mean the attenders of this extravaganza...and maybe some of the workers).  Yesterday, my church put on a Fall Festival for our community.  In the past it was a Halloween alternative, but has shifted to a full-on festival complete with zebras in the petting zoo, pony rides, carnival games, bounce houses, haywagon rides and of course, free food.  Last year was the first year and it was pretty good.  This year, my church knocked it out of the park.  And I couldn't be more proud to say that my sister is in charge of the whole thing.

She managed to organize (her lists had lists) and execute an event attended by close to 600 people (judging by the number of hotdogs I wrapped, yesterday and the number of times my DH circled the church with his tractor and haywagon) with grace and by all appearances ease.  She did this while successfully implementing 8th grade CCSS and getting observed with the new PBTE model (all teachers are observed 10 times in a year).

Yesterday, I think I told everyone I talked to that she was the one who organized the event.  I can only aspire to be as awesome as she is (and try really hard, too...sibling rivalry doesn't ever just go away).

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