Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back at it

Today was my first day back after a break that was too short (especially seeing as the first week of it was spent on the couch in a Nyquil/Dayquil induced fog).  My class was very low-key today.  We did the customary "What I did over Christmas Break" free-write followed by a sharing circle.  This year, though, I added in a really cute Resolution flipbook from Ms. Winston.  My students made cute little faces with party hats attached and voila...way cute bulletin board in the hall with minimal effort.

In other news, my monkeys survived their first day back at school.  Right now, they are laying on the couch looking like I feel (Nap?  Yes, please.).  So, now it's on to wrestling practice and some writing on the book I keep saying I am going to write (but never quite getting started).

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