Saturday, February 23, 2013

The best laid plans

Can be upended by Strep throat (I'm not a doctor, but this is my best guess).  You see, my DH and I were all set to go on an outing with some friends today.  We were going to the art gallery in the city (I know, right...the last time we were there was when we were dating and he tagged along on my class field trip...14 years ago...all because he loved me).  I love, love, love the art gallery (we got a lot of culture as kids).  After that we were heading to a Spanish tapas restaurant in a fancy area.  But, alas, it was not to be. 

Yesterday, after a long play outside the Clover settled in for a nap (she's 8, so this was unusual.  But I chalked it up to the fact that she sledded her heart out).  However, when she awoke, she felt hot as blazes.  She had been under covers on the couch, and I knew she should be warm, but my "Mommy Thermometer" alerted FEVER!  FEVER!  So, I took her temperature.  103.7!  103.7?!  I lickety split found the ibuprofen and gave her some whilst I ran a tepid bath to put her in.  Once we got her fever under control, I put her into bed with a cool rag on her head.

About 1AM, she woke up crying with a headache and I redosed her (this time with Tylenol), and she didn't wake up again until around 8 this morning.  I took her temp and it was 101.  I waited until 9 to call and make our cancellations (holding out hope for a small miracle/waiting for everyone I needed to call to wake up).  I was a little disappointed (I haven't spent much quality time with my DH since October).  But for her sake, I wish she wasn't under the weather.  Hanging out on the couch all day while your brother gets to go to the store and buy a soda, play outside/sled, and play video games in the basement with Dad is NO FUN!

So tonight, I took a look at her throat, and we have to go to the Urgent Care Clinic tomorrow (or she'll have to have a shot on Monday).  She is a real trooper, because if my tonsils were that big, I'd be crying (and not asking my mom to find funny cat videos on YouTube).

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