Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adventures in Tornado Alley

Today started out fairly normally. I mean, there was cake in the lounge (happy retirement Ms. Sign Language Interpreter) and there were no showdowns at the corner restrooms (between teachers nor is May after all). The day went along as I had planned. We had an amazing science lesson to end the day (#4 in the Frau M. as Mr. Wizard series). And then off I went to the retirement party of another colleague (I will not eat leftover cake tomorrow because I promised my swimsuit I would wear it soon, and more cake will make a liar out of me).

After the party, I picked up the Cubscout and the preschooler and we headed to Walmart (why is there NEVER any bread or milk in my house?). While we were looking for a card for a friend of the Cubscout, my dad called. My dad doesn't just call me to chat so of course I answered (what did we do before caller id?). He said I needed to get to the basement because the sirens should be going off at my house. I told him I was 20 miles away in the middle of Walmart. But thanks for the warning. After hanging up, I called my DH who told me that there was indeed a warning at the house and to go back to the school and hang out for a while.

So we picked up some Lunchables and made our way back to the building. As soon as I arrived, the national weather service cancelled the warning. I didn't ever hear the sirens, but apparently, they went off right after that. But, I wouldn't know because I was driving through torrential rain in order to get back home. Whew, I sure love living in the Midwest.

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