Saturday, July 17, 2010

Riddle me this

If you were a cat, and you knew that of the four people living in the house that adopted you, one person really loved cats, two people kind of liked them, and one person really did not care for them much at all, which person would you follow around and sleep on during your frequent naps? Well, if your name is Wild Rosie, the chosen one would be the one who doesn't really care for felines. That would be me. Right this very instant, I have a small kitten sleeping in my lap. Before, when I was reading a book on the couch, I had a small kitten in my lap...sleeping. First thing this morning she meowed until I picked her up (it was either carry her or risk stepping on her...again).

This has to stop. The kindergartner tells me at least 10 times a day that, "Mom, Rosie is my cat, but it's ok if you hold her." I feel guilty for the unwarranted/unrequited affection. I have tried to put her down for her napping. She just wakes up and jumps back on my lap. Every. Single. Time. I have had the kindergartner put our her food (which by the way she is really finicky about). She still follows me around. I have calmly explained that although I know she is cute, I don't care for cats. She just meows and purrs.

And now, to top everything off, the cat ladies at the stores have started talking to me. Just yesterday, I was trying to pick out a different food to try (thinking, "let this one work") when a lady just started talking to me in the aisle. She asked me what type of cat we had and told me that I should consider making my own cat food. I was all like, "Oh? How interesting." on the outside but on the inside I said something like, "Great. Now people think I'M a cat lady."

I'm sure she will grow on me at some point. You shouldn't count on me wearing a cat sweater to school any time soon, though.

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