Sunday, October 3, 2010

If I ignore this...

will it just go away in time? That is the question that has plagued my classroom management/mommy thoughts (that and whether or not community pencils were indeed a good idea). There is a big part of me that says, "So what? This too shall pass because all fads do...eventually," (I don't see any of my colleagues who are the same age as me sporting lace gloves or slap least not in public). The other part says, "This constant concern about which ones my young friends and daughter have/need is going make me need a checkup from the neck up."

So on Friday, I made the rule that if you wear them to class, and I see you with them off your arm (even for a second), they will become the Kindergartner's (as in mine, at home). This pretty much has nipped it in the bud. Thankfully. However, the Kindergartner is disappointed as the need for even more of these charming accessories knows no age limits.


  1. I had to ban them from my room for a bit...even my 5th graders are crazy for them. I think they are stupid LOL I told them Friday if I see them off their wrists they become mine and I will throw them away, along with any rubber bands I see. I dunno where this thing with rubber bands started (my class last year did it too) but some of them would rather shoot small pieces of paper across the room than learn. And we wonder why the kids are so far behind, eh?

  2. I hate the bracelets. At first I thought I should buy some for my 4 year old, but then I thought against it. Too much drama. I have a couple kids who wear them, and I hate seeing them play with them. It drives me crazy, but the principal tells us it't their freedom of expression. Um, no. It's being a follower and doing the same thing as everyone else! Maybe I should ban them, too, just for fun!

  3. Hate them, hate them, hate them. I saw a girl this week who wore a slinky on her arm. NO JOKE! I guess she was out of her bands.