Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stir Crazy

We are on our seventh snow day since coming back from Christmas break (or my seventh day of Spring Break in the Winter).  This is our third consecutive day at home.  Various farmers who live along our blacktop came by yesterday and plowed the road (no sign of the county road crew, yet).  We can get out of our drive thanks to the tractor's (yes, we own a real tractor) blade attachment and owning a 4-wheel drive truck.  But, we haven't gone anywhere because now the cold has set in (-10 this morning with a high of maybe 10).  We are running out of things to do.  So far we have:
1.  Made a cake from scratch.
2.  Participated in mandatory 30 minute reading blocks/homework sessions (the monkeys are so lucky I have access to worksheets-a-plenty for them to do). 
3.  Worked a 100 piece puzzle.
4.  Played countless rounds of Connect 4, Cootie, Ants in your Pants, and Checkers.
5.  Built a snow tunnel in the yard.
6.  Covered the kitchen table with paper and had "art".
7.  Reorganized the toys (my prize box reaps the rewards from that effort).
8.  Watched quite a few of the DVRed episodes of Dino Dan sitting in the cache.
9.  Tormented the cat (this is mostly the Cubscout).
I'm starting to run out of ideas.  In a little bit, we are going to address our Valentines and after that, I'm not sure.  I don't think they will go for a naptime (I'm really the only one who needs it).  As a mom, I think they need to go back to school.  As a teacher, I don't want to go back tomorrow because starting over on Monday makes more sense (instructionally, not just because I'm lazy).

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