Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sir Elton John...

I beg to differ.  Sorry does not seem to be the hardest word, because for me it is definitely good-bye.  As most of you know, I am making a move to another building where I will be working in the Sped department (no I haven't taken the Praxis, yet.  Thanks for asking because I am definitely not obsessing about it already).  Today was my last contract day in my building (although, I still need to move my things across town).  I have been a teacher there off and on since 2005.  It is the best building in our district (known fact, not just an opinion).  There are a lot of reasons why it is the best.  The students and their families are great, our administrator is wonderful, and the faculty/staff is phenomenal.  There is not one single person who would let a colleague go through a struggle alone.  We even have a para who bakes a cake for every single person's birthday, and puts it on the lounge table.  The climate and culture are both positive and caring.  So today, after my friends all came back from their meeting (mine was yesterday), we went to the patio at the Mexican restaurant for "high tea".  I had mostly kept leaving out of my heart and in my head, until we started to get up and leave.  Then, the floodgates opened.  I will truly miss being with my friends every day.  I will still get to see them every now and then (not even Sped escapes data analysis meetings), but it won't be the same. 

So, to all my friends.  Thank you for being so wonderful to work with.  It has been my privilege.

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