Saturday, September 24, 2011

How much candy...

is too much candy?  Well, according to our fair city, there is no such thing.  Yesterday, after school was the High School Homecoming parade.  My monkeys were beside themselves with excitement when I picked them up from school (my district was out early for Homecoming, as well).  The annual parade would begin in two hours.  During our wait for the festivities, we visited the library and got milkshakes (as it was Friday).  We went home to pick up Dad (who took the whole day after working 80 hours the week before).  We made our way to the street down from the High School about 20 minutes early (you have to, if you want a parking spot because EVERYONE in town comes out) and waited.  This year, I had the good sense to change out of my spirit shirt before going to the parade (not so much last year, and I stuck out like a sore thumb).  Finally, the parade began (after my children had greeted everyone they knew...which in a small town is just about everyone).  It only lasted 18 minutes, but in that time the monkeys collected a whole Walmart sack of candy.  The way I figure it, they got about 1/2 pound of candy per minute.  This will take us about a year to eat (not hyperbole, we just don't really eat much candy around here, although I did confiscate and consume 1 mini Snickers).  Although I know the district where I teach is awesome, I will never regret sending the Cub and Clover to their hometown school (where everybody knows your name, the streets are paved with Tootsie Rolls and the academics are second to none.).

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