Monday, September 12, 2011

I miss you, Writer's Workshop

I, for a really long time,  have kept a writer's notebook and a quotebook.  My writer's notebook is for when I hear things I like or ideas I might want to write about and the quotebook is for great quote clippings.  Aside from this little blog here, I write on paper (old fashioned, I know) at home.  All the good details are in my journals (sorry you all miss so many good stories).  I find writing one of the most enjoyable things to do (though not as fun as finding the perfect anything at JCPenney).  That's the only thing I don't love about my job.  I don't really get to teach writing as an art.  I loved finding a good Mentor Text and doing a great read aloud.  I loved brainstorming and doing a whole class writing before sending my friends to their seats for 15 minutes of silent writing before I began conferencing. I loved sharing what I wrote with the class as well as listening to their finished products.  I loved the whole growing writers process.  Even though my new position is super rewarding and absolutely perfect for me, I still find myself wishing for moments when I could pull out Shrek, break out the chart paper and brainstorm some good leads. 

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