Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Fellow DMV "Client?",

When you waited until the end of the month (in which the last day is on a Saturday) to do your renewing, you had to know that the DMV would be busy, and you would have to wait behind everyone who, like me, procrastinated.  I knew before running the dreaded errand, that it would take a while to get to the front of the line in order to conduct my business.  Your loud complaints actually made the clerks get all passive-aggressivey and go slower...on purpose.  This did not work for me as I didn't bring snacks for the monkeys with me (just a book to look at while we were there).  In addition, the instructions for what you need are ON THE RENEWAL CARD they send to you.  Take a look.  There's a list of exactly what you need.  So, it is not necessary to go through line twice because you could have been prepared the first time.  Also, it is not necessary to ask to speak to a supervisor because I'm almost pretty sure there is no actual supervisor and the clerks are all equal (they draw straws each day to see who's it).  I'm also positive that the DMV makes no exceptions and crying about how you didn't know and begging for them to make an exception to the rules makes everyone uncomfortable.  So, for the sake of us all, please, next time, just read the card and do what it says.  It will make your trip so, so much easier.

Frau M.

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  1. There you go again, cracking me up! I love your sense of truly lightens my day. Thanks!


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