Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And then there were 5

So, the whole entire "Let's get some chickens" project is not going so well.  We started several months ago with nine chickens.  Nine.  The first to go was Nervous Nellie (killed by an opossum, we think).  Next were Cowgirl and Pecky.  Pecky's body was found but something carried Cowgirl off (we found a pile of feathers in the back field).  The latest victim of farm life was Doodle the Rooster.  We aren't sure what happened with him, but my DH found him lying on the ground dead as a doornail.  It becomes less sad each time (plus I've now compartmentalized the chickens as farm animals and not pets).  I do, however, feel like I am failing the chickens somehow.  Maybe that's why they refuse to lay eggs.

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  1. We lost 2 chickens yesterday. One was dragged off by the hawk and I found her body - what was left of it - on the top of our property. Feathers were everywhere. The other one is MIA. I was very sad yesterday. My favorite chicken was the one who got it from the hawk. I hope it doesn't start picking them off one by one. We will get more in the spring, but they will be babies. Maybe come spring yours will lay eggs...they shut down in the winter when there is less daylight. But, some of mine laid last week since it was so warm!