Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm melting

I know what you're thinking. She is straight out of Oz and her students threw water on her. Not the case. I actually am quite frightened by flying monkeys (or any monkey for that matter). I have been feeling pretty wicked recently (but it is not just because of the incessant chatter that fills a classroom in May).

What it does have to do with is my classroom temperature. The powers that be have decided that heat makes sense when it is lower than 75 degrees outside. HEAT people. I got it to stay off today but it was a "Why did I bother to blow my hair straight, anyway?" sort of day. I needed a little air flow. So I cracked open the windows (makes sense right?). Wrong. I got in trouble for needing fresh air. Apparently, the latches on the windows are for looks only. So, it's muggy and uncomfortable in my classroom and it makes me irritable.

I know what some of you are thinking (Teacher from the Ghetto, I'm looking at you). We don't even have air conditioning in our building and my room was 500 degrees, you say. Ok so at this point, neither do we. Also, in my defense, I am half way through my teaching career. I did my time at a school where the assistant superintendent based his "early out for heat" decision on the thermometer in my classroom. I'm soft now. Before, I could handle 123 degrees (true story). Now, 76 is too, too much.

Oh summer vacay, when will you be here so I can choose what temperature I want to be?


  1. Teacher from the GhettoMay 13, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    You're right, you are soft. You just need to be a man, rub some dirt in it, and toughen up! :) However, having the windows open sure would help in the process of you toughening up. A little air flow does make the world of difference. (Note: Temp in my class today is 72 degrees with no windows open. However, it is sticky in the room. Just so ya know.)

  2. Thanks TFTG. I guess I'll put on my big girl panties now.