Monday, May 10, 2010

Things that make you go ???????

It takes an awful lot to leave me speechless. I have, after all, been a 911 operator (there's a job that gives you a dark sense of humor). But once, I was rendered without anything to say.

We were writing about a time we had fun with our family. Imagine my surprise when one of my students brought me a story that read something like this, "I went to a party with my family. We played tippy cups, but I played with pop." Did this student really mean he played a drinking game except with pop at a party with his parents?

This is me inside my head, "WHAT!? They played a drinking game at a party?! Maybe there is a chance for me to be Mother of the Year, after all." What I actually said, "That does sound like a fun thing. I bet you enjoyed the cake, too."

The lesson in all this is that children tell everything. There are no secrets (sorry to my Cubscout's teacher because I'm sure she knows more about me than I care to think about).

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