Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1: Revenge of the Cicadas

Where I live, we don't really have very many of these strange looking insects.  We definitely don't have any of what are called 13 year cicadas (I would have noticed the creepy little red eyes).  But where we were going they were everywhere.  The ranger at the State Historic Site was telling the monkeys about them and said their numbers were of "Biblical proportion."  He also told them about their life cycle (they hatch underground and live/eat there for thirteen years until they emerge to find a mate.  They only have 4 weeks to do it, then they die).  That explanation absolutely fascinated both the Cubscout and Clover (the former Kindergartner joined 4-H).  I wasn't so much fascinated as creeped out because they seriously were all over.  We toured the old mine (there's just not a market for lead like in the days when you got sick from eating paint chips) and the rock museum and made our way back to the truck.  Once inside, the Clover got out her notebook, handed it to the Cubscout and told him, "We need to write that down in our blog."  He asked me for a pen (pencils break, apparently), and as I was digging in my purse I pulled out A CICADA!!! (insert total freakout here).  Everyone was laughing and I heard the monkeys conspiring in the backseat to "definitely write that down, too."  I guess now they will be expecting a guest post spot here.

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