Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3: Oh No you Didn't

So we decided it would be a fun idea to visit the planetarium at night and see the laser show (This was after a day full of sightseeing.  Which by the way was just a little depressing if you include the Nature Center which should have been nicknamed Rest Haven Nursing Home for Woodland Creatures due to each animals age/infirmities).  The music was slated to be all 80's (who can go wrong with a little Tainted Love?).  Let me tell you who can go wrong.  It was us.  I knew we were in for a treat at the very beginning when we bonded with the family behind us over the terribleness of the music before the show.  The girl on the CD was singing a song apparently titled "Less is More" (at least that's what she kept saying), and the woman behind us said, "She should take her own advice."  I laughed really loud and the guy in charge said all passive-aggressivey, "This side is having just too much fun."  That really didn't stop us from yukking it up until the lights went out.  Then the show started.  The music was your standard mixed tape from middle school (a little Cure, a little Soft Cell, a little Sting and Police).  The lasers were kind of cool at first.  Then someone decided to take pictures, and while they turned off their flash, they did not turn off that little red light that comes on when you take a picture.  So I kind of noticed a little red on the ceiling (where the lasers were projected), but wasn't bothered by it.  However, Mr. Laser Show stopped the whole show and turned on the lights in order to tell the whole audience that he was not amused and taking pictures with any sort of light ruins the show for everyone.  I thought to myself, "Wow.  He takes this seriously." (I was about to find out just how seriously he does indeed take his job).  Then, the show went on.  We weren't very far into the next song when the lights started happening again.  This time, Mr. LS yelled at us, "Seriously?!  You're going to challenge me on this?!  I know who you are and where you are sitting!"  I heard the girls behind us stifle a few giggles, and I was concerned for the safety of whomever was the picture taker.  Needless to say, there was not a big showdown (probably because the picture taker was scared.  I know I was a little).  We finished the hour of synthesizers and lasers, and made our merry way out the door, but not before laughing with the family behind us about never messing with the laser show dude.

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  1. Sounds like the laser show ruined some pretty good 80's tunes! But, if nothing else, you have a good story to tell year after year about the crazy laser show guy!