Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vacation...all I ever wanted!

I say that, but getting ready for a trip across this great country of ours is a little bit hectic.  As I have said before, we own a travel trailer, and camp the whole way through our vacations.  For you non-campers, getting ready for a long trip in the camper is much like getting ready for a car trip except instead of just packing your clothes you have to pack your bathroom (towels and all), kitchen (no restaurants here), and fun stuff, too (bikes/sidewalk chalk/bubbles/etc.).  So we pulled out on Monday (yikes), and made our way to Mammoth Cave.  The best thing about it, is I have stories a plenty to share (Wi-Fi doesn't usually come as an amenity in a state park), so I jotted notes in my notebook as we went.  So this week, I will be bringing you Tales from Vacation (try to contain your excitement).

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