Monday, January 23, 2012

Friend Makin' Monday

Sneaker Teacher had this on her blog andso I thought I would  it looked like fun, give it a try.


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  1. Are you a Mac or PC?  PC!  I'm sure if I took the time to learn something new, it would be fine.
  2. Do you paint your own nails?  Yes, when they are actually painted.
  3. Beach or mountains? Beach
  4. What’s the title of the book you’re currently reading? The Bible to my monkeys each night as well as Pride and Prejudice (it's my favorite go-to).
  5. Do you dance?  I love to dance with my husband.  Sometimes we crank up the volume and two-step around the living room (much to the chagrin of the Cubscout).
  6. CNN or Fox News? I like the news and not too much commentary so Shepard Smith on Fox. 
  7. Do you ride a bicycle?  Not well. 
  8. Do you get a yearly flu shot? No, I hate shots.
  9. Best movie you’ve seen in 2012? I watched Morning Glory on Encore (does that count?).  That's the only movie I've seen so far this year.  I probably will only see one in the theater and it will probably be whatever the monkeys have to see. 
  10. Do you prefer to workout at home or at the gym? At the gym (by gym, I mean weightroom while the Cubscout practices).
  11. Last airport you were in?  Chicago O'Hare. 
  12. Married or single? Married to someone who knows me better than I know me :) 
  13. iPhone or Android? Android
  14. Do you prefer to be in pictures or taking pictures? Taking pictures (sometimes, it looks like I wasn't on the vacation with the family because I'm not in any of the shots). 
  15. Favorite brand of sneakers?  Adidas (they fit my foot just right)
  16. Do you like snow?  Not really, and the way our schedule works, there are snowdays built into the schedule.  So in the winter, if we don't use the snowday, we get a random day off (like this Friday).
  17. Do you have/want to have kids?  Two (Cub and Clover).
  18. Summer or Winter? Summer. No school, no on the go lifestyle. 
  19. Do you know how to swim? Yes, but I won't swim out into deep water...too scary. 
  20. Do you prefer to shop in store or online?  In the store.  I like to look at all the options and try things on. 

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