Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maybe it's me...

The Argyle Sweater

Recently, I've been having trouble using my filter (you know, the thing that keeps you from saying whatever comes to mind).  Like yesterday.  The Clover was sick so we went to the doctor where she was diagnosed with bronchitis (I had a whole freak out after the visit when she had a temperature of 104.7 after she started the antibiotics, but I digress).  We had the prescription sent to Wal-Mart (only because we were out of cat food, too).  I checked in to pick it up, and the clerk said, "It won't be ready for 20 minutes."  I was all like, "Okay, we have shopping to do, so no big deal."  We walked around the store for about 30 minutes, picking up everything we needed (and a few things we didn't because it was Wal-Mart afterall).  I went back to the pharmacy and was the first in line.  The clerk said, "I'm really sorry, but it will be another 10 minutes at least."  I was still ok (but the Clover was fading fast), so I gave them 15 minutes.  The Clover was coughing her head off but wanted to go back to toys  because I kind of rushed her through the toy section and she wanted to choose something small before, but didn't get a chance.  We came back to the window, once again.  This time we were behind 9 other people.  We waited and waited and waited (how hard is it to have your insurance card and proper paperwork?).  When we finally got to the window the same clerk said, "I have to go mix it...just a minute."  I was trying not to fume because it had been an hour.  FINALLY, she gave me the medicine and said, "Sorry about the wait."  I smiled sweetly and replied, "Don't worry, it isn't your fault this pharmacy is grossly mismanaged." And then I walked away. 

Today, I met up with a different clerk while I was trying to get cash without going to the ATM.  I asked for a 10, 5 and 5 ones.  She acted like I was asking her to do something difficult.  She didn't have any fives so I asked if she could give me 10 ones.  She actually rolled her eyes and huffed.  After she reluctantly gave me the cash, I said, "I sure hope your day gets better."  Very passive-aggressivey of me, I know. 

These two instances lead me to believe that maybe it's not everyone else.  Maybe it's me and I'm the one who doesn't play well with others.

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